KAT-TUN, WHY??????????

Ok, so i heard some question from Hyphens about the mystery group "KAT-TUN"
The reason why they called KAT-TUN is a mystery group is because there are many things happen with them which are hard to explain and always remain as an secret, also the change of the members and the way they react is some kind of mystery. So, in this post, i think i will try to figure out the fact about KAT-TUN
Note: This is just my idea, not the fact, no bashing and send me some stupid feedbacks like: "It's totally nonsense! Stop saying untrue things about them! You shame us!" =)))) Again, shut your fucking mouth up because i will write what i want =)))) damn shit! =)))))
So, let's begin!
1. Why KAT-TUN is the 1st group in Johnny had a concert before they debuted, and the concert just happened after 1 year of their creation? 
KAT-TUN has been created to be the back-up dance group for Domoto Koichi of Kinki Kids, it just something temporary and wasn't stable. However, like we all know, KAT-TUN has such a strong characters, they are very wild in teenagers, they can't get along well, i heard that they always split out and hitting each others =.= The fact that they can't get along well leading to their dancing line up wasn't good. They can't dance steady, each  of them try to prove that they better and more stand out than others (you can see that really clearly when you watched their old videos). I think you guys know that Johnny is a company which has a high discipline, the members in a group must get along well and dance steadly, not trying to be better than other members. Koichi san seems not like KAT-TUN as his back-up because those guys don't want to dance steady. However, the audiences seems so interested in a crazy group like that, they saw the wild and sexiness in KAT-TUN, you can see that most of Johnny's groups have a great prince image and funny characters, the members in most of the groups have their own problems but they always try to get along well; however, KAT-TUN is different, they are immature and always fight, that's make them become unique in Johhny )and i heard that KAT-TUN is the most handsome group in Johnny =)))) I don't know if it's right but i heard that before =)))))) KAT-TUN gained more attention after they join the musical SHOCK and danced for Kinki Kids.So, that's why they had a request of 550.000 audiences asked them to have a concert. People seems to curious about what KAT-TUN can do to prove their uniqueness.
In conclude:
-KAT-TUN is the 1st group in Johnny had their 1st concert before their debut because they are the 1st Johnny group has such a strong and unique characters like that
-It just happened 1 year after their creation because they fight a lot i that year and their wildness reveal very much(in SHOCK), also they had been noticed by Kinki Kids's fan

2. Why KAT-TUN must be wait for 5 years to have a debut? They had so many fans at that time and they have concerts too, Johnny-san seems to like them either, why?

Because they still fight a lot eventhough they have been growned up ;) that's their characters! I think the company thought KAT-TUN had not been matured enough to step into entertainment world. They seems too wild and baka, and they still can't dance steady. Johnny-san likes them but the company is not just only him. The company must consider carefull about timing and the image for the group, but i heard that Johnny-san had many plans for them to gain more fans. He choosed carefully KAT-TUN's debut song and choose the right time for KAT-TUN's debut, also KAT-TUN eventhough wasn't officially debut but they perform in Music Station many times and had their own concert, the only missing was the single debut. SO, eventhough their debut was too late but that's why their 1st single sold more than 1 million right?

3. Why Akame is the most famous couple in KAT-TUN? If they are a true couple, why they ignored each other?
Akame's charisma is a temptation :( i can never forrget it >.<
Akame is the name of Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya, their logo is Red Turtle ( Aka is red, Kame is turtle). Akame has been played with each others since their 1st year in Johnny, they mostly take pictures with each other in magazines with other Junior, and paparazzi notice that they always go out with each other, wearing couples rings, T-shirt... There are some rumors that Kame and Jin always stick woth each other so to called it short, people didn't call Kamenashi or AKanishi, they called them AkaKame =) Jin has more friends than Kame in Johnny Junior and he had been in spotlight with 4Tops (along with Koki and Junno) and they had a Okinawa trip in Shounen Club (in a game, the winner will have a wish, Jin wanted to go to Okinawa and Kame asked Jin to go with each other, Jin won and they went Okinawa but the trip had been disturbed by Takizawa-kun =)))) However they are very happy and i heard that Kame still keeps the T-shirt of him ad Jin (when they came to Okinawa, they had to promote for Tsubasa kun so they wrote his name on white T-shirt. Jin and Kame have many friends but i never see the chemistry as much as they have with each other. Jin went to LA caused many rumors, Akame's fans said that Johnny san sent Jin to LA because Jin and Kame were too close( some fans report that Jin was drunk and he kissed Kame on the lips and Kame just let it be =))). However i think that it's just because Jin had a tight schedule so he went to LA to take a break :P After Jin's LA abroad =.=, Jin cameback in the tour Cartoon KAT-TUN II U and i heard that Kame held Jin's hand in most of the concert. However, they have been acted like strangers after few years later but some fans caught they went with each other few times. The best thing is they don't do fan's service, all chemistry they have is very nature and pure. I really think that they used to have something, i think they found that they love each other but they afraid of being gays or something ;P so they kept each other from distance to keep the friendship, am i right? Also, Kame always cares about work and Jin always places family and friends before work, Jin is kind odd unresponsible in work while Kame always considers it seriously, so i guess they could fight or something. Kame also doesn't have time to go out much with Jin so they don't meet usually like before, and after many times far apart, they could become strangers and akward, feel weird when talking to each other but that's doesn't mean that they hate each other

So here is the end of this post. next time i will post more about Hyphen's questions. If you have any thing to ask, comment on below =)))

Akame~the cutest couple in my heart

This is just a simple slide show of Akame's pictures, but the pictures mix really well with the music of KAT-TUN, hope you guys enjoy it. It is just something to remember about one of the legendary couples: Akame. Believe it or not, Akame has the temptation that no one can resist. Jin&Kame, i love you from the bottom of my heart no matter what. Enjoy!
(All the pictures and the music are not belong to me)




6. Most confuse year of KAT-TUN: 2010
The GOOD: They released many many genres show that they can deal with any genres they like, also they work really hard this year many singles have been released and NMP World Big Tour gained many successful in Taiwan and Korea, Bandage is good too, love al the sountrack
The BAD: Jin officially left KAT-TUN :"( He didn't go to the tour with them and after few months, he said he left KAT-TUN, also in this year the worst KAT-TUN song had been released :( N.M.P is the worst as i think. The concept of PV with too many CG, dark scences are bad, all the boys looks not great here =.='' The sales of each singles are geting lower and lower, the end of CTKT is really sad :"(
The WEIRD: Jin's behavior was weird =.=" he said he was not going to leave KAT-TUN and then he did, he had a seperate time to work with the crew from Bandage and between him and others had a big distance. The lyrics for D-Motion is weird =.= the interview in Korea is weird too but cute :"> Jin's voice and the part he got in KAT-TUN's songs are weird too
This year had many problems and successful, i really think our guys work hard to create a 5 members group
7. First year without Jin and have more commitment:
The GOOD: Junnos' hair ^^ He looked really hot, hotter than Kame, no one couldd doubt that KAT-TUN is more and more mature, they dance more steady, sings greater and the connection is getting stronger, i guess all Jin's things make them relize that they have to know each other more and become more unite. Kame's Youkai ningen Bem has a good rating ^^ The songs in singles mostly are great! The singles Eternal of Jin is great! So far it is the best song from his solo career, and Yellow Gold Tour bring me a lot of memories, eventhough i can't stand Jin's US songs, i love Paparats, best US song of him, better than Test drive =.="
The BAD: The songs are pretty great at first to me but not stay for long, compare to their old songs, it still has a long way to go =.=
White has been the worst sales eventhough the song is good, because of their image change i guess =))) If you remember these guys have wild and strong characters, but in White they looked very calm and gentle =))) And then they have Run For You =))) The dance, outfit, PV, handsomness, great at eveerything, the melody is very catchy but like other new songs, i just listen to it for about 1 month. Ultimate Wheel and Birth are better and the worst thing is Ueda's bold =))))
The WEIRD: Mostly about KAT-TUN's image change =.= and Zettai Maneru is not my favorite show =.=" it's so normal and not weird enough for me, some moments are great but that show just try to improve the bond between KAT-TUN, and it works, i'm glad that they did it just for 1 year.
8. The 2nd year of become more mature:
Still not have many things to discuss about this year, they have been released 3 singles and now is the DVD ^^ This year they have the best concert ever, Chain seems so promise eventhough i haven't watch it ^^, Lock on has a good PV but it still normal to me =))) I like To The Limit and Fumetsu No Scrum because they are simple but affective,really really like the PV of TTL ^^ it has been a long time since they have an unique thing like that. Fumetsu is good and dance moves create by Junno are awsome ^^
They have a new gameshow called Sekaiichi dame na yoru, which is fun at first but getting weird now =.=" it start to loss ideas =.=" it kind of meaningless if you see that show,and as usual the on air time is in the midnight =.=" I hope they release some new stuffs in 2 months, a ballad song perhaps, and i think they don't haveto wear uniform, they could still wear different things like their old tim =))) Jin's shotgun married crush me =.=" I hate Kuroki Meisa since Ai no uta and still hate her because of her horrible acting, and now she married one of my ichiban =.=" It's not her fault but i still have no good feeling with her. The best thing is Jin's daughter has been born and Jin seems to be happy now =) I hope in the end of this year, Jin adn KAT-TUN will release another singles =)
In conclude, this post is totally nonsense =))) I love KAT-TUN when they haven't been debut most =)) Weird right? Because i feel like they have the freedom and the nature features which are hard to find now, and all the members are so cute and wild >.<



Ok, today i have many things to put in my LJ since it has been blank for a long time =))) So here is another fan girl meaningless story about KAT-TUN again =))))
The title is about The Good, The Bad and The Weird of my guys =))) I love them for 2 years, i'm still too young compare to other fan girls but old enough to know some stuff about these guys =))


1. Young KAT-TUN =))) This is a photos of KAT-TUN back to 2003, when they came to NEW YORK to shoot for the PV Never Again but as we know, it didn't go well :P so they just had a photobook instead of a single =.=" They are really sad about this =.= Oh i almost forgot :P i will tell you guys about the good, the bad and the weird of them when they had not debuted yet =)))
The GOOD: They are too cute, too natural, too adorable >.< I love to see them perform in their own way, jumping around, dance like crazy to be stand out =)))) And AKAME is great at that time >.< OMG i miss AKAME
The BAD: There are too many unique egos in here =.= they fight a lot for small things like dropping ice cream o.O hit each others and the Emperor Theater used to have a specific zone for KAT-TUN, to "deal" with each other =.= *sign* why are they so immature at that time, it's not just because of the teenager problem, other Johnny Juniors didn't fight that much, i guess these guys are so stubborn and crazy =)))) They can't even dance steadly=)))) But i love it! =)))))
The WEIRD: The wierd thing is they had many fans because of their individual characters =))) I remember that many fans said that they found it really interesting when they saw KAT-TUN dance like crazy in the back of Koichi san =)))) Fans think that these guys are so special and wild. So, the result is : teh concert reply the love from 550.000 people =)))) They had no songs, no dance moves and just sang their sempai's songs, did as much as they could, the concert happened in a very small theater and all the performances are pretty normal, but it's really great at that time, because you can see their characters stand out in every performance. When  i watch it, i really think that these guys are really shine compare to other Johnny Juniors.


2. Older KAT-TUN =))
In 2006, finally they had a big impression debut =.=" Johnny san made them wait for too long =.=" It's great that they had a biggest debut ever compare to other Johnny groups. Real Face will always be the best song of them ever! I can never find any songs can express more KAT-TUN than Real Face. And not only the single, the album and DVD at that time are the best of the best !!!>.<
KAT-TUN was on top and that year, they stepped into a new level of top star.
The GOOD: They are still nature and cute, expecially Jin :"> and they are more handsome, more wild, the best thing is Koki's bold!!! Signal and YOU, OMG all these songs are great!
The BAD: They had to work a lot =.=" Kame was too thin, everyone looked tired and exhausted at that time, but they felt happy because of the successful that they gained after a long time of waiting. 2006 always is the most successful year of KAT-TUN ofr sure!
The WIERD: Jin's abroad trip =.=" this thing was kind of old but i still want to say that abroad trip was really weird o.O I just think that Jin wanted to get out of tight schedule so he left for 6 months, KAT-TUN release Bokura No Machide and Cartoon KAT-TUN II U without him

3. Older KAT-TUN
Ok, Jin was back and everything is great, Yorokobi no uta, Keep the faith...
Keep The Faith is so awesome! This is so KAT-TUN!
The GOOD: Jin was back and he was really sexy and mature, he was really become a man, KAT-TUN seems so greatm laughed all the time, Tanaka Tokkyu San Go and Yukan Club had been on air. Junno had a great golden hair (eventhough this hairstyle was kind of weir to me but he still looked great). Cartoon KAT-TUN has been on air and so far, it's still the best show of KAT-TUN ever.
The BAD: Jin seems so lost with other members, it seems like there was a distance between them but it still not clearly =.= But many people found that Jin has been changed :"( I don't know but he still the Bakanishi that i love, too cute with "Attack the collar bone!"
The WEIRD: People seems to blown up the thing about Jin went abroad =.=" it's really weird because they acted like he went for many years and some celebrities said bad things about him :P (did they know anything or Jin has any relationship with them? :P)

This year so far still great and great, every KAT-TUN's fans seems to be happy with Jin's comeback


4. Older KAT-TUN
I don't know why but i found that 2008 was really great, they became more mature, more handsome especially Kame and Jin, and they tried a new genre, White Xmas was great, the sales was kind of low compare to other singles at that time but great! And Lips is a hard rock song, love it!
The GOOD: Tried new ways and all the PVs are great, sales lower but stable! Queen Of Pirates is the best concert i have ever watched, and all the songs are great >.<
The BAD: Sales, but i didn't really low
The WIERD: New couples had been released: KoKame and NakaNishi =.=" i found it really weir since Akame and TaNaka are my top favorite couples, just because of CTKT so man fans destroyed my OTP :"(


5. Most successful KAT-TUN!
The GOOD: Rescue's sales, Break The Record, 10 eternity days in Dome which break the Guiness Record, nothing to say about this year, they are on the top!
The BAD: Kami no Shizuku is one of the worst Kame's dramas =.=" eventhough it still has some rewards, One Drop is great in everything, the PV, the handsomeness, the concept but the sales is not really great =.="
The WEIRD: Rescue PV =)) eventhough i love the song, i love One Drop more, the PV of Rescue is dark and sexy, but they used too many CG  =.=" i found the PV is so unreal and kind of fake, the dance part is totally weird, those parts are the reason why people thought that KAT-TUN can't dance. Jin and Kame's voices are getting worst since Kame worked a lot and Jin drinks a lot =.="


Release date: 2012/11/21

Description: Full recording of "CHAIN" tour concert in Tokyo Dome on April 21st. A total of 34 tracks including singles such as "BIRTH", "RUN FOR YOU" and "WHITE". Their annual tour was previously cancelled due to Tohoku earthquake. Meeting fans again for the first time in two years, "CHAIN" reffers to the bond between all 5 members and the fans.


  • Disc 1
    • BIRTH
    • Keep the faith
    • ONE DROP
    • WHITE
    • LOCK ON
    • 儚い指先
    • FINALE
    • ノーマター・マター
    • ONE DAY
  • Disc 2
    • ずっと
    • あの日のように
    • 歩道橋
    • LIPS
    • 喜びの歌
    • Peacefuldays
    • 勇気の花
    • Real Face
    • Going!
    • ハルカナ約束

Regular edition: 2 DVDs and a live poster.

First press edition: 2 DVDs, special live photobook among others.

Amazon / Regular edition / First press
CDJapan / Regular edition / First press
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Order quickly please! We are waiting for this moment!

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Lately i fell in love with Paparats, I don't know why but i feel like i get to know Jin more these days=) LOL I'm Kame's fan but post too much Jin's things lately =))) It's just i haven't update his news for 6 minths and the latest news i know is his baby daughter
Enjoythe lyric and the song, this song is epic and unique and it reveal the true Jin that i know
P/s: Somehow i have the feeling that Jin and I have the same character o.O There must be something wrong with me =)))

You wanna get a second look and take a pick 
Know about my life be my guest and make it up 
As long as you collect that check 
You don't really give a shit do you 
Keep it straight I'm not losing any sleep 
Just telling you how it is 
Your pictures just pictures 
But they ain't worth a thousand words 

I'm talking all about me 
Your articles ain't real saying shit 
Stop wasting your time with this 
Lying about my life 
This is me 
Yeah yeah yeah 
Stop wasting your time 
Lying about my life 

There's no reasons 
To believe them 
Let go 
Just keep my name 
Out your mouth 

It's someone else 
It's someone else 
That's what I feel 
You failed, sir 
A fake me you created 
I'm having fun 
Thank you 
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/a/akanishi+jin/paparats_20977845.html ] 
See umm stop and staring everyday 
Trying to tear a piece of me away 
That's not the guy I see in the mirror 
That's the guy you want 
This is my life that I gave 
Not what you made 
The rumors can't be true 
Cuz I'm a clear it up for you 

Paparazzi snapping shots 
Writers making stories up 
The proof they have is not a lot 
I'm living life you all forgot just taking it 
Day by day can you hear the things they say? 
This is how I do it 
When I do it cuz it's my way 
I can live and you can talk 
I can run and you can walk 
Nobody can make a me nobody can make me stop 
You can't be replacing me 
This fabrication facing me 
It still entertaining me 

There's no reasons 
To believe them 
Let go 
Just keep my name 
Out your mouth 

It's someone else 
It's someone else 
That's what I feel 
You failed, sir 
A fake me you created 
I'm having fun 
Thank you 

It's someone else 
It's someone else 
That's what I feel 
You failed, sir 
A fake me you created 
I'm having fun 
Thank you

 Enjoy =)