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My Jdramas+movies list!!!!

I don't think someone could read this and this is the first time i do this, after i see many people do that and i like the tumblr jdramaconfession, i think i could make a list of my Japanese films by myself either =))
My list has no order =.= (just like my personal life), so i hope you guys could consider my opinion about this, if you have anything to wonder, comment on below

1. Anego: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Anego

The story is about Noda Naoko, an OL (ofice lady). She is very hard-working, beautiful but she always dream about a perfect man. When she realized that she is 33, she doesn't think about love and romantic anymore, she needs a family, and she wants to become a mother, not an unmarried woman who always being judge by other people. She has been called "anego" by Kurosawa Akihiko_a new co-worker who younger than her 10 years old, anego means "older sister", Kurosawa sees that Naoko always help other people and carries everything by her own, so he means that she is a respectful sister an someone who everybody can count on. In the age of 33, Naoko's life suddenly being disturb by Kurosawa and the Sawaki family. 
You can see on the picture, Anego has nice casts: Shinohara Ryoko, Tomosake Rie, AKanishi Jin and Toda Naho. Most of the casts in Anego are very good in acting, they express the characters well. However, Kato Masaya and Akanishi Jin did not really great in my opinion. Kato san is very unnature in this drama, i don't see any of his works, so i can't judge much about his acting skill, but seriously he seems very bland to me in this =.= And Jin always act as himself, he is very cute but his acting in this drama is the worst of his drama that i've ever watched =.= Shinohara san is always good and beautiful, her acting is better in years. This drama has been described about the reality of single person in Japan, and mostly single women, who being judge because they have not married yet. There are some good moments make my heart melt, for example:

Jin's acting is horrible but he is so cute and suit with this drama >.<
I think you guys should watch this because it describes the life of a FA (forever alone T^T) just like me! I don't know if i have someone like Kurosawa loves me when i'm 33 =.="
And if you are Jin's fans? Despite of his acting and watching this immediately!

2. Tokyo dogs: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Tokyo_DOGS

This drama is about Takakura So_ an cop in NY. His father has been killed by a killer who is very dangerous and i can't remember his name =.= Because of a drug case, So has been sent to Tokyo and joint the investment with Japanese poloce. He meets Kudo Maruo_a Japanese police who is hot-tempered and they become partners to invest the mafia organization which is being lead by the killer who murdered So's father.
My friend said i should watch this because she loves Oguri Shun =.= but this drama is very so so to me. Everything is bland! They have a great cast: Oguri Shun, Mizushima Hiro and Yoshitaka Yuriko. Yuriko's character is very unneccesary =.= eventhough she is the key of whole thing but Yuriko's acting is weaker than SHun and Hiro, so this could be the reason. The characters of Shun adnd Hiro are very interesting! They express the characters well and i like the funny moments of " America sensei" =)) However, the mafia organization just appear to act like they are very dangerous and serious o.O But the plot, the story is very half-half (can't descibe it in english but it means that the story is not deep in any situation). Look at the poster, you could think that this is an investment drama but to me, it's just like a comedy drama =.="
However, if you are Shun or Hiro's fans, you can feel it is very entertaining! Love the ending song!

3. Maou: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Maou

I really think you guys should watch this, i enjoy every minutes in here. We have 2 Johnny's guys so what do you waiting for?
This drama is based on The devil_ a Korea drama. Ohno Satoshi will be playing the role of a two-faced lawyer, one of which is a kind hearted soul and the other who is plotting revenge, using his brilliant mind, on the person who killed his relative. On the other hand, Ikuta Toma will play the double lead role of the man, who has become a detective due to his dark past, who is pursuing the mysterious series of murders and fighting against the devil
I love this drama because it gives me the thrill feeling and i can't hate anyone in here. When you 1st watched this, you hate the enemies of Ryo, sometimes you support the negetive way of his revenge, but you feel really great when you see the ending of each episodes. However, the writer turn you into something else, something make you feel weird when you realize along with Ryo that revenge is meaning less and you cry along with him and Naoto. You cna have the feeling unfair and being very regret at the end. Some characters make you feel that you really hate them, but in the end, you feel pity for them because they are human and they have feeling too. When you watch this, you could wonder if you did something harm to others in the past, the past will never over, it just sleeps an waits until it can comeback and hunt you. The acting skill of Toma and Ohno are undeniable, so enjoy!

4, Regatta:

It's a sport drama about: Makoto is a promising oarsman at a University regatta team. One day, he loses his best friend by a tragic accident which he believes and blames himself for the very cause. Although he once leaves the team out of tremendous sense of responsibility, he finally decides to return by the encouragement of Misao and his teammates, and moreover, for the love and passion of regatta. He is determined than ever to become a top class oarsman and struggles to fulfill his dream to participate in the Olympic games. Through the severe practices and competitions of regatta, Makoto learns the bitterness and difficulties of life. Rivalry with teammates, agonies of love and friendship…
This drama is normal and able to watch iff you like sport, you can feel the spirit of oarsman in here. I watch this because i love Shota and Moko is very handsome. If you love handsome men, watch this because these 2 guys are the hightlight of the drama. SHota's acting in this is just normal but really cute ^^ love Yagi who always acts seriously but very pure ^^ He loves banana ^^ Moko is cute too ^^ The girls are a little bit annoying abut still able to watch.

To be continued ^^


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