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[Interview] Tanaka Koki Talks About 2013′s Hissatsu Shigotonin

Following the historical drama, "Ooku", KAT-TUN's Tanaka Koki will reprise his role as Ren in the 2013 Hissatsu Shigotonin for the 4th time. Arm with full of enthusiasm, Tanaka will be acting alongside Mito Komon's Kotaro Satomi who will play the villain.

---Please tell us your thoughts on co-starring with Kotaro Satomi-san as the villain and your thoughts on your "killing" scenes.

K: Well, it's our 4th year and I'm glad to be given this work. When I received a script, I always wonder what sort-of killing will be done this time. Though I really think that last year's head being submerged in the river was already cold blooded (laughs). But it's really fun to open the script and wonder what will happen this time, I get pleasure just by that. Acting alongside Kotaro Satomi, I think that I would learn a lot with his presence; I think that this could provide a dramatic change in the future.

---Pls. tell us what you are looking-forward in hissatsu?

K:Though I participated in hissatsu toward the middle, I still have to learn a lot about this period drama and the depth of the story. Since I have done killing scenes before, I still have to grow on my part. I think that there is still room for improvement and I look forward to each shooting.

---[Question directed to Higashiyama] What do you think about Matsuoka[Matsuoka Masahiro of TOKIO] and Tanaka?

H: I think that both of them are great. If you work with them, you can see their passion with their work, which I think is very professional. Their professionalism also extends to the Kyoto staff  that makes work perfect and it shows in their working attitude.

---[For Tanaka]Do you have anything to say to your seniors?

Matsuoka-senpai, congratulations on your anniversary! (laughs) I'll do my best on Ooku.

Higashiyama-senpai, it has been five years since I did my first historical drama with you. When I was in the state where I'm at loss about the in-and-outs of filming, Higashiyama-san helped me with things that I didn't understand. I was really impressed with his attitude as a man and as an actor. On doing a period drama, I though it was cool; I learned new things each time. As for Matsuoka, who once said that I fit in a historical drama, I felt really proud to be doing hissatsu. When they told me that there's gonna be a special, I think it's great and I'm really blessed to work with people in a  comfortable environment.

Oh, Koki! You are trying so hard right now, i really want to see you in many dramas and movie.
I really think that the company is helping KAT-TUN to become 2nd Arashi: each members are trying to active in many different parts, wearing uniforms and more committment. Still not know that if it's right for KAT-TUN to be like that because seriously KAT-TUN and Arashi are very opposite to each other =.= However, i like KAT-TUN active in many ways: acting, singing, dancing, host, butai... I chatted with a Japanese girls, a fan of Arashi and she said KAT-TUN is doing well, they appears in TV a lot, just after Arashi, they are trying their best, so i don't worry about KAT-TUN anymore. I'm so dramatic, KAT-TUN is a strong characters group, they will be fine, worry too much =.=

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