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Only★Star’s “Artist Who Look Good in Suits” Fall Ranking 2012

In the current issue of Oricon's Only★Star magazine, 500 women readers were surveyed regarding "artists who look good in suits".

Here is the TOP 10 Result:

 1) Fukuyama Masaharu: taking the top spot is Fukuyama Masaharu who readers agree that his height contributes to his sense of style. Aside from his sex appeal, his appeal in suits became noticeable after the drama series "Galileo" as well as his CMs for XYLISH.

2) Sakurai Sho: Arashi's Sakurai, whose job as a newscaster for NEWS ZERO, gave Sakurai an intellectual-appeal especially when he is wearing suits.

3) Kamenashi Kazuya:  KAT-TUN's Kamenashi is mostly seen wearing suits for his stint in Going! as a sportcaster. Aside from that, his endorsement for Aoki menswear and Kirin Afternoon Tea made gave him a good reputation for wearing suits with comments ranging from "cool" and "good posture".

4)  Matsumoto Jun: who looks good in "colorful suits" and whose personality stand-out just by his gaze.

5) GACKT: Praised for his controversial fashion sense and unique charm.

6) Domoto Koichi:  KinKi Kids's Koichi, who looks good in formal and "flashy" suits.

7) B'z Koshi Inaba: who wear suits from time to time for his PVs or magazine covers.

8) EXILE: their slim-cut suit makes the band look cool with their dance moves.

9) THE BAWDIES: wearing suits has always been the band's trademark.

10) Kimura Takuya: SMAP's Kimura gets into groove of anything that he wears, he looks good with anything even roughly dressed.

OMG Kame in No 3 <3 and it's not just Johnny' s ranking, it's a ranking of Oricon and he í the youngest!!!!!!!

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