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New TV War Brewing in Johnny’s

From Johnny's watcher

by miku みく

It has been rumored that Arashi and Kanjani8's variety program will come to an end since a new backer, in the name of Suzuki Osamu, have appeared for  Kis-my-Ft2 and KAT-TUN...

As reported,

Kanjani8 is seen as Arashi's successor while Arashi is more popular thanSMAP now. These two groups seem to dominate  TV programs next year; however, some speculations have arisen that it won't be the case.

Arashi and Kanjani8's TV program haven't been getting good ratings, although they enjoyed good ratings in the past, it has become dragging since there is nothing new with their program format. Meanwhile, Kisumai and KAT-TUN's popularity is increasing. Their TV programs is getting rave reviews despite their midnight timeslot, especially with Kisumai's show that is said to be friendly to televiewers. Big-shot TV writer Suzuki Osamu, who is known for writing, "Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru", is said to give Kisumai and KAT-TUN a breakthrough. Suzuki has been writing for SMAP's "SMAPxSMAP" and have also composed songs for their albums. Suzuki is said to be part of "Iijima's faction", and Iijima is known to managed SMAP and Kisumai careers. Since Suzuki is known for being a top-rated TV contractor, he promised two sets of TV shows to break next year. (according to people concerned in commercial broadcasting)

Will Arashi and Kanjani8 make a counterattack?

What's the heck? o.O Some haters try to break the kizuna in Johnny? KAT-TUN is my ichiban but i hate when people try to give the rumors that they are better than their senpai in something, expecially popular groups like ARASHI and Kanjani 8 =.= all the fans of these 2 groups are going to hate my KAT-TUN for no reason =.=" I guess Sekai is doing a great job :"> The rating seems not really bad =))) Hope that ARASHI and Kanjani 8 will have a new show soon :) And my KAT-TUN will have a new regular show beside Sekai =) I want they do a show of learning something, maybe go to school again perhaps =))))) My KAT-TUN is kind of stubborn so i doubt that if they can learn something strict and hard in school =))))

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