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What i think about KAT-TUN


Until now, i could not explain why i love KAT-TUN, many fans say that they are so perfect and many many things, but in my mind, they are the most imperfect bands =.= I will analyse for you about why i said that and my post include Jin (ex-member) either.
I will give the grade for each of them, i will judge in 3 factors:
Looks: 20
Talents: 60
Personality: 20


- The looks:   20
 Kame seems like a professional about beauty care, he looks really flawless and tempted, but if you see carefully all his features, you can see that his features are not good, he has single eyelid eyes but double eyelid now (i think because he used fake eyelid to create the 2nd eyelid and now it become a wrinkle). His nose is kind of small but he has saddle-back nose ( the fortune teller said his nose make him richer and that's seems so right). He uses the long hair on the front to hide a little bit of his nose. His mouth is cute but not great in the beauty standard, however it's very cute. His face is kind of long and he is kind of short. His body is too thin and then too fat, he changes the weight very quickly so i guess his lifestyle is unstable since he has to work a lot  However his features are very harmonious and his smile is a gift so give him 14/20 =)))))) Kame's fans will kill me =)))))
- The talents: 60 
 + Acting : 20  
 Kame has a great potential of being a great actor, his expression is great and he can act with his eyes, i don't see many actors could do that, he could become a greater actor if he could choose some challenge scripts, However, Kame always has tense to choose some really bad scripts, most of them come from comics or books. His dramas mostly about fan serving, he always acts in the character of perfect dream man. I think the best work from him is Yuuki and Nobuta Wo Produce. Yamanade, One pound, Kami no Shizuku T^T OMG that's the worst! I like Sapuri but he didn't get the main role, Gokusen is so so for him, Kindaichi is not his role T^T he totally destroyed Kindaichi in my heart. Youkai is so so, but still too fan service too much ( how can a beautiful angel could be treat as an uggly monster, and Kame's half nude, perfect face and body shape make me forget about the story).. However, Youkai has a great plot and the message is very beautiful so it still one of the best Kame's dramas so far. I'll give him 15/20 since his potential is very high and i give my hope in Ore Ore.

+ Singing(voice, composing, writing, instrutments): 20 
He has an unique voice but unstable, he has to work a lot and because his voice is husky so i think he can easily sing the wrong notes if his health condition unstable. I like his voice when he was a boy, at that time he didn't have to work too much so his voice is more stable, now his voice basicly better but still unstable. He can reach the high pitches in Change Your World but not in Going! Also when he is in the best condition voice, his voice is still kind of weak compare to many great singers. However he has the unique husky voice and he writes many good songs ( i like the lyrics with many Japanese),he can play guitar and harmonica but it seems not really great, i give him 10/20

+Dancing: 10 
He is very flexible and does corectly the movement, but i don't think he is the best dancer =.= 
I'll give him 6/10 

+ Communication skill: 10 
He has the best communication skill in KAT-TUN, he does great in Going! and Zoom Sata seems going well. However, sometimes he talks many nonsense things and sometimes misunderstand others. Still, he is getting better in communication so i'll give him 7/10

-Personality: 20
Don't know much about him but for sure he is a strong man with a strong-willed and good stand-point, he cares about the group and cares about the members. He used to be an unknown junior and now he has a high position in company, i really think that he must through a lot of tears and blood to be success like now. he works really hard, just sleeps 2hours/day and has 2-5 days/year to rest. He also can cook and being respected by his kouhai and sempai. He used to get involve in some lovers scandals but even if that's true, it doesn't matter because he has his right to have lover. I don't know if he is a good person, so i give him 18/20 since he has most of the best characters i've ever seen.

Kame: 70/100



- The looks: 20  
Jin has a pretty face, he has double eyelid eyes( or beautiful single eyelid :">), high nose, beautifull sexy lips, his body is manly but getting fatter now =.= his height is good enough for a star, nothing much to blame his nature features. However, Jin destroys his looks by the crazy hair style, the large outfits, He also has the beard o.O and uses the hoodies to hide his beautiful face. He surely doesn't know how to looks better in public =.= However, his looks is undeniable, i give him 15/20
- The talents: 60  
+ Singing(voice, composing, writing, instrutments): 20 
His voice is the best in KAT-TUN ( who said No must be crazy). When he was younger, his voice is very high, higher than today and i love it. The emotional in his voice is great. However, he drinks and has party a lot (not now maybe since he has a beautiful wife and an adorable daughter) and has many scandals so i guess that's make his voice is getting worst. He uses too much auto tune to hide his voice (again, don't know why he always hide his beauty and now voice =.='') His composing impress me too, i like many songs of him and the way he express, he plays guitar really well, i give him 16/20 
+Acting: 20 
=.=" Jin's acting mostly not so good, the best of him so far Bandage =.= 
5/20 (since he can easily cries and I like Natsu) 
+ Dancing: 10 
He dances better than Kame, i really think that, his dance moves are good but he is kind of lazy in learning dance moves. I give him 7/10 

+ Communication skill: 10 
I guess this part is speechless =.= He used to be very friendly when he was younger, some shows he is kind of cute but mostly disaster since he doesn't know how to hide his feeling. so 5/20 (since i love how Jin did in the past) 

- Personality: 20 
Jin is some kind of man who can risk his life for friends and family, he has many friends but also he has many scandals and troubles. he seems to do everything in an emotinal way, that's not the bad thing but it gives him many troubles. He seems not really care about the group and left them (however i think he just want to pursue his US career and doesn't want to leave them and comeback like the time in 2006). Still, leaving the group and let them face to many troubles is unexceptable, KAT-TUN still faces to many troubles now. Eventhough i don't know him, but i think he has many friends and sempai back-up for him, Johnny-san likes him most and he has courage to take responsible of marrying Meisa (eventhough he surely know he would be suspend). So, i think basicly Jin is not a bad one, he just doesn't have a strong-willed like Kame and doesn't consider career as the purpose of his life, but he still causes so many troubles. I give him 15/20 since  i like guys who cares about family and friends. 

Jin: 63/100 

(I'll comeback next time with 4 others)
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