My Jdramas+movies list!!!!

I don't think someone could read this and this is the first time i do this, after i see many people do that and i like the tumblr jdramaconfession, i think i could make a list of my Japanese films by myself either =))
My list has no order =.= (just like my personal life), so i hope you guys could consider my opinion about this, if you have anything to wonder, comment on below

1. Anego:

The story is about Noda Naoko, an OL (ofice lady). She is very hard-working, beautiful but she always dream about a perfect man. When she realized that she is 33, she doesn't think about love and romantic anymore, she needs a family, and she wants to become a mother, not an unmarried woman who always being judge by other people. She has been called "anego" by Kurosawa Akihiko_a new co-worker who younger than her 10 years old, anego means "older sister", Kurosawa sees that Naoko always help other people and carries everything by her own, so he means that she is a respectful sister an someone who everybody can count on. In the age of 33, Naoko's life suddenly being disturb by Kurosawa and the Sawaki family. 
You can see on the picture, Anego has nice casts: Shinohara Ryoko, Tomosake Rie, AKanishi Jin and Toda Naho. Most of the casts in Anego are very good in acting, they express the characters well. However, Kato Masaya and Akanishi Jin did not really great in my opinion. Kato san is very unnature in this drama, i don't see any of his works, so i can't judge much about his acting skill, but seriously he seems very bland to me in this =.= And Jin always act as himself, he is very cute but his acting in this drama is the worst of his drama that i've ever watched =.= Shinohara san is always good and beautiful, her acting is better in years. This drama has been described about the reality of single person in Japan, and mostly single women, who being judge because they have not married yet. There are some good moments make my heart melt, for example:

Jin's acting is horrible but he is so cute and suit with this drama >.<
I think you guys should watch this because it describes the life of a FA (forever alone T^T) just like me! I don't know if i have someone like Kurosawa loves me when i'm 33 =.="
And if you are Jin's fans? Despite of his acting and watching this immediately!

2. Tokyo dogs:

This drama is about Takakura So_ an cop in NY. His father has been killed by a killer who is very dangerous and i can't remember his name =.= Because of a drug case, So has been sent to Tokyo and joint the investment with Japanese poloce. He meets Kudo Maruo_a Japanese police who is hot-tempered and they become partners to invest the mafia organization which is being lead by the killer who murdered So's father.
My friend said i should watch this because she loves Oguri Shun =.= but this drama is very so so to me. Everything is bland! They have a great cast: Oguri Shun, Mizushima Hiro and Yoshitaka Yuriko. Yuriko's character is very unneccesary =.= eventhough she is the key of whole thing but Yuriko's acting is weaker than SHun and Hiro, so this could be the reason. The characters of Shun adnd Hiro are very interesting! They express the characters well and i like the funny moments of " America sensei" =)) However, the mafia organization just appear to act like they are very dangerous and serious o.O But the plot, the story is very half-half (can't descibe it in english but it means that the story is not deep in any situation). Look at the poster, you could think that this is an investment drama but to me, it's just like a comedy drama =.="
However, if you are Shun or Hiro's fans, you can feel it is very entertaining! Love the ending song!

3. Maou:

I really think you guys should watch this, i enjoy every minutes in here. We have 2 Johnny's guys so what do you waiting for?
This drama is based on The devil_ a Korea drama. Ohno Satoshi will be playing the role of a two-faced lawyer, one of which is a kind hearted soul and the other who is plotting revenge, using his brilliant mind, on the person who killed his relative. On the other hand, Ikuta Toma will play the double lead role of the man, who has become a detective due to his dark past, who is pursuing the mysterious series of murders and fighting against the devil
I love this drama because it gives me the thrill feeling and i can't hate anyone in here. When you 1st watched this, you hate the enemies of Ryo, sometimes you support the negetive way of his revenge, but you feel really great when you see the ending of each episodes. However, the writer turn you into something else, something make you feel weird when you realize along with Ryo that revenge is meaning less and you cry along with him and Naoto. You cna have the feeling unfair and being very regret at the end. Some characters make you feel that you really hate them, but in the end, you feel pity for them because they are human and they have feeling too. When you watch this, you could wonder if you did something harm to others in the past, the past will never over, it just sleeps an waits until it can comeback and hunt you. The acting skill of Toma and Ohno are undeniable, so enjoy!

4, Regatta:

It's a sport drama about: Makoto is a promising oarsman at a University regatta team. One day, he loses his best friend by a tragic accident which he believes and blames himself for the very cause. Although he once leaves the team out of tremendous sense of responsibility, he finally decides to return by the encouragement of Misao and his teammates, and moreover, for the love and passion of regatta. He is determined than ever to become a top class oarsman and struggles to fulfill his dream to participate in the Olympic games. Through the severe practices and competitions of regatta, Makoto learns the bitterness and difficulties of life. Rivalry with teammates, agonies of love and friendship…
This drama is normal and able to watch iff you like sport, you can feel the spirit of oarsman in here. I watch this because i love Shota and Moko is very handsome. If you love handsome men, watch this because these 2 guys are the hightlight of the drama. SHota's acting in this is just normal but really cute ^^ love Yagi who always acts seriously but very pure ^^ He loves banana ^^ Moko is cute too ^^ The girls are a little bit annoying abut still able to watch.

To be continued ^^

[Interview] Tanaka Koki Talks About 2013′s Hissatsu Shigotonin

Following the historical drama, "Ooku", KAT-TUN's Tanaka Koki will reprise his role as Ren in the 2013 Hissatsu Shigotonin for the 4th time. Arm with full of enthusiasm, Tanaka will be acting alongside Mito Komon's Kotaro Satomi who will play the villain.

---Please tell us your thoughts on co-starring with Kotaro Satomi-san as the villain and your thoughts on your "killing" scenes.

K: Well, it's our 4th year and I'm glad to be given this work. When I received a script, I always wonder what sort-of killing will be done this time. Though I really think that last year's head being submerged in the river was already cold blooded (laughs). But it's really fun to open the script and wonder what will happen this time, I get pleasure just by that. Acting alongside Kotaro Satomi, I think that I would learn a lot with his presence; I think that this could provide a dramatic change in the future.

---Pls. tell us what you are looking-forward in hissatsu?

K:Though I participated in hissatsu toward the middle, I still have to learn a lot about this period drama and the depth of the story. Since I have done killing scenes before, I still have to grow on my part. I think that there is still room for improvement and I look forward to each shooting.

---[Question directed to Higashiyama] What do you think about Matsuoka[Matsuoka Masahiro of TOKIO] and Tanaka?

H: I think that both of them are great. If you work with them, you can see their passion with their work, which I think is very professional. Their professionalism also extends to the Kyoto staff  that makes work perfect and it shows in their working attitude.

---[For Tanaka]Do you have anything to say to your seniors?

Matsuoka-senpai, congratulations on your anniversary! (laughs) I'll do my best on Ooku.

Higashiyama-senpai, it has been five years since I did my first historical drama with you. When I was in the state where I'm at loss about the in-and-outs of filming, Higashiyama-san helped me with things that I didn't understand. I was really impressed with his attitude as a man and as an actor. On doing a period drama, I though it was cool; I learned new things each time. As for Matsuoka, who once said that I fit in a historical drama, I felt really proud to be doing hissatsu. When they told me that there's gonna be a special, I think it's great and I'm really blessed to work with people in a  comfortable environment.

Oh, Koki! You are trying so hard right now, i really want to see you in many dramas and movie.
I really think that the company is helping KAT-TUN to become 2nd Arashi: each members are trying to active in many different parts, wearing uniforms and more committment. Still not know that if it's right for KAT-TUN to be like that because seriously KAT-TUN and Arashi are very opposite to each other =.= However, i like KAT-TUN active in many ways: acting, singing, dancing, host, butai... I chatted with a Japanese girls, a fan of Arashi and she said KAT-TUN is doing well, they appears in TV a lot, just after Arashi, they are trying their best, so i don't worry about KAT-TUN anymore. I'm so dramatic, KAT-TUN is a strong characters group, they will be fine, worry too much =.=

Only★Star’s “Artist Who Look Good in Suits” Fall Ranking 2012

In the current issue of Oricon's Only★Star magazine, 500 women readers were surveyed regarding "artists who look good in suits".

Here is the TOP 10 Result:

 1) Fukuyama Masaharu: taking the top spot is Fukuyama Masaharu who readers agree that his height contributes to his sense of style. Aside from his sex appeal, his appeal in suits became noticeable after the drama series "Galileo" as well as his CMs for XYLISH.

2) Sakurai Sho: Arashi's Sakurai, whose job as a newscaster for NEWS ZERO, gave Sakurai an intellectual-appeal especially when he is wearing suits.

3) Kamenashi Kazuya:  KAT-TUN's Kamenashi is mostly seen wearing suits for his stint in Going! as a sportcaster. Aside from that, his endorsement for Aoki menswear and Kirin Afternoon Tea made gave him a good reputation for wearing suits with comments ranging from "cool" and "good posture".

4)  Matsumoto Jun: who looks good in "colorful suits" and whose personality stand-out just by his gaze.

5) GACKT: Praised for his controversial fashion sense and unique charm.

6) Domoto Koichi:  KinKi Kids's Koichi, who looks good in formal and "flashy" suits.

7) B'z Koshi Inaba: who wear suits from time to time for his PVs or magazine covers.

8) EXILE: their slim-cut suit makes the band look cool with their dance moves.

9) THE BAWDIES: wearing suits has always been the band's trademark.

10) Kimura Takuya: SMAP's Kimura gets into groove of anything that he wears, he looks good with anything even roughly dressed.

OMG Kame in No 3 <3 and it's not just Johnny' s ranking, it's a ranking of Oricon and he í the youngest!!!!!!!

[RUMOR] Kamenashi Kazuya and Ryoko Yonekura got FRIDAY’d!

From JENEWS daily
FRIDAY's latest issue featured a paparazzi pic of KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya and actress Yonekura Ryoko in an embrace that is rumored to be a proof of Kame's "devotion" to the actress...

As reported,

Seen last Halloween in the back alley of one of Nishi-Azabu's bar is the actress, Yonekura Ryoko. Amidst the bustle of people in halloween costumes, the actress has been easily recognizable due to her small face, long arms, and legs.

An hour after midnight, Yonekura was seen drunk and sat in front of the stairs of the store, she was seen talking to someone on her cellphone while she pouts her lips and her eyes were peevish. According to someone who overheard their conversation, she was asking someone to come-on over as she was already drunk.

After a few minutes, a "prince" arrived in the name of Kamenashi Kazuya, wearing black coat and black sunglasses as though he stepped-out from a Matrix movie.

Kamenashi open the shop's door and Yonekura said "I'm glad you came" and welcomed Kamenashi with a big hug. Afterwards, Yonekura increased the tension inside the shop, she went on with another "drinking spree", have Kamenashi sat "close" to her, as she placed her hands on his lap and knees. If the reporter have any doubts about their relationship, Yonekura is indeed the Queen on this one.

Swaying from drunkness, Yonekura went-out again, talking to someone through her cellphone where it seems like she's about to meet someone else other than Kamenashi. Then, Kamenashi went-out, saying that he wants to leave; however, Yonekura insist that he stays as "another good-looking" man arrives. The two "princes" silently measure each other. With the addition of another good-looking man, it could be said that the Queen's appeal reach its MAX.

"Yonekura and Kamenashi are old acquaintance. There has been rumors that they are dating but they are really just like a brother and sister," according to one professional entertainer.

The "Yonekura party" broke-off at 4:00am where a drunk Yonekura went home by a taxi that Kamenashi arranged. While Kamenashi looked anxious to let-go of Yonekura was all smiles and waved before boarding the taxi.

FRIDAY via Johnny's-Watcher

Okay =.= So Kame is the target now =.= I'm totally LOL in the part:
"After a few minutes, a "prince" arrived in the name of Kamenashi Kazuya, wearing black coat and black sunglasses as though he stepped-out from a Matrix movie" 
=)))))) Kame! You should play a role in Matrix =))))) (if they have another part:P)
=.= And Kame, you shouldn't go out late like that, even though it's Friday night but you should sleep more =.=

New TV War Brewing in Johnny’s

From Johnny's watcher

by miku みく

It has been rumored that Arashi and Kanjani8's variety program will come to an end since a new backer, in the name of Suzuki Osamu, have appeared for  Kis-my-Ft2 and KAT-TUN...

As reported,

Kanjani8 is seen as Arashi's successor while Arashi is more popular thanSMAP now. These two groups seem to dominate  TV programs next year; however, some speculations have arisen that it won't be the case.

Arashi and Kanjani8's TV program haven't been getting good ratings, although they enjoyed good ratings in the past, it has become dragging since there is nothing new with their program format. Meanwhile, Kisumai and KAT-TUN's popularity is increasing. Their TV programs is getting rave reviews despite their midnight timeslot, especially with Kisumai's show that is said to be friendly to televiewers. Big-shot TV writer Suzuki Osamu, who is known for writing, "Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru", is said to give Kisumai and KAT-TUN a breakthrough. Suzuki has been writing for SMAP's "SMAPxSMAP" and have also composed songs for their albums. Suzuki is said to be part of "Iijima's faction", and Iijima is known to managed SMAP and Kisumai careers. Since Suzuki is known for being a top-rated TV contractor, he promised two sets of TV shows to break next year. (according to people concerned in commercial broadcasting)

Will Arashi and Kanjani8 make a counterattack?

What's the heck? o.O Some haters try to break the kizuna in Johnny? KAT-TUN is my ichiban but i hate when people try to give the rumors that they are better than their senpai in something, expecially popular groups like ARASHI and Kanjani 8 =.= all the fans of these 2 groups are going to hate my KAT-TUN for no reason =.=" I guess Sekai is doing a great job :"> The rating seems not really bad =))) Hope that ARASHI and Kanjani 8 will have a new show soon :) And my KAT-TUN will have a new regular show beside Sekai =) I want they do a show of learning something, maybe go to school again perhaps =))))) My KAT-TUN is kind of stubborn so i doubt that if they can learn something strict and hard in school =))))

What i think about KAT-TUN


Until now, i could not explain why i love KAT-TUN, many fans say that they are so perfect and many many things, but in my mind, they are the most imperfect bands =.= I will analyse for you about why i said that and my post include Jin (ex-member) either.
I will give the grade for each of them, i will judge in 3 factors:
Looks: 20
Talents: 60
Personality: 20


- The looks:   20
 Kame seems like a professional about beauty care, he looks really flawless and tempted, but if you see carefully all his features, you can see that his features are not good, he has single eyelid eyes but double eyelid now (i think because he used fake eyelid to create the 2nd eyelid and now it become a wrinkle). His nose is kind of small but he has saddle-back nose ( the fortune teller said his nose make him richer and that's seems so right). He uses the long hair on the front to hide a little bit of his nose. His mouth is cute but not great in the beauty standard, however it's very cute. His face is kind of long and he is kind of short. His body is too thin and then too fat, he changes the weight very quickly so i guess his lifestyle is unstable since he has to work a lot  However his features are very harmonious and his smile is a gift so give him 14/20 =)))))) Kame's fans will kill me =)))))
- The talents: 60 
 + Acting : 20  
 Kame has a great potential of being a great actor, his expression is great and he can act with his eyes, i don't see many actors could do that, he could become a greater actor if he could choose some challenge scripts, However, Kame always has tense to choose some really bad scripts, most of them come from comics or books. His dramas mostly about fan serving, he always acts in the character of perfect dream man. I think the best work from him is Yuuki and Nobuta Wo Produce. Yamanade, One pound, Kami no Shizuku T^T OMG that's the worst! I like Sapuri but he didn't get the main role, Gokusen is so so for him, Kindaichi is not his role T^T he totally destroyed Kindaichi in my heart. Youkai is so so, but still too fan service too much ( how can a beautiful angel could be treat as an uggly monster, and Kame's half nude, perfect face and body shape make me forget about the story).. However, Youkai has a great plot and the message is very beautiful so it still one of the best Kame's dramas so far. I'll give him 15/20 since his potential is very high and i give my hope in Ore Ore.

+ Singing(voice, composing, writing, instrutments): 20 
He has an unique voice but unstable, he has to work a lot and because his voice is husky so i think he can easily sing the wrong notes if his health condition unstable. I like his voice when he was a boy, at that time he didn't have to work too much so his voice is more stable, now his voice basicly better but still unstable. He can reach the high pitches in Change Your World but not in Going! Also when he is in the best condition voice, his voice is still kind of weak compare to many great singers. However he has the unique husky voice and he writes many good songs ( i like the lyrics with many Japanese),he can play guitar and harmonica but it seems not really great, i give him 10/20

+Dancing: 10 
He is very flexible and does corectly the movement, but i don't think he is the best dancer =.= 
I'll give him 6/10 

+ Communication skill: 10 
He has the best communication skill in KAT-TUN, he does great in Going! and Zoom Sata seems going well. However, sometimes he talks many nonsense things and sometimes misunderstand others. Still, he is getting better in communication so i'll give him 7/10

-Personality: 20
Don't know much about him but for sure he is a strong man with a strong-willed and good stand-point, he cares about the group and cares about the members. He used to be an unknown junior and now he has a high position in company, i really think that he must through a lot of tears and blood to be success like now. he works really hard, just sleeps 2hours/day and has 2-5 days/year to rest. He also can cook and being respected by his kouhai and sempai. He used to get involve in some lovers scandals but even if that's true, it doesn't matter because he has his right to have lover. I don't know if he is a good person, so i give him 18/20 since he has most of the best characters i've ever seen.

Kame: 70/100



- The looks: 20  
Jin has a pretty face, he has double eyelid eyes( or beautiful single eyelid :">), high nose, beautifull sexy lips, his body is manly but getting fatter now =.= his height is good enough for a star, nothing much to blame his nature features. However, Jin destroys his looks by the crazy hair style, the large outfits, He also has the beard o.O and uses the hoodies to hide his beautiful face. He surely doesn't know how to looks better in public =.= However, his looks is undeniable, i give him 15/20
- The talents: 60  
+ Singing(voice, composing, writing, instrutments): 20 
His voice is the best in KAT-TUN ( who said No must be crazy). When he was younger, his voice is very high, higher than today and i love it. The emotional in his voice is great. However, he drinks and has party a lot (not now maybe since he has a beautiful wife and an adorable daughter) and has many scandals so i guess that's make his voice is getting worst. He uses too much auto tune to hide his voice (again, don't know why he always hide his beauty and now voice =.='') His composing impress me too, i like many songs of him and the way he express, he plays guitar really well, i give him 16/20 
+Acting: 20 
=.=" Jin's acting mostly not so good, the best of him so far Bandage =.= 
5/20 (since he can easily cries and I like Natsu) 
+ Dancing: 10 
He dances better than Kame, i really think that, his dance moves are good but he is kind of lazy in learning dance moves. I give him 7/10 

+ Communication skill: 10 
I guess this part is speechless =.= He used to be very friendly when he was younger, some shows he is kind of cute but mostly disaster since he doesn't know how to hide his feeling. so 5/20 (since i love how Jin did in the past) 

- Personality: 20 
Jin is some kind of man who can risk his life for friends and family, he has many friends but also he has many scandals and troubles. he seems to do everything in an emotinal way, that's not the bad thing but it gives him many troubles. He seems not really care about the group and left them (however i think he just want to pursue his US career and doesn't want to leave them and comeback like the time in 2006). Still, leaving the group and let them face to many troubles is unexceptable, KAT-TUN still faces to many troubles now. Eventhough i don't know him, but i think he has many friends and sempai back-up for him, Johnny-san likes him most and he has courage to take responsible of marrying Meisa (eventhough he surely know he would be suspend). So, i think basicly Jin is not a bad one, he just doesn't have a strong-willed like Kame and doesn't consider career as the purpose of his life, but he still causes so many troubles. I give him 15/20 since  i like guys who cares about family and friends. 

Jin: 63/100 

(I'll comeback next time with 4 others)